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This can't be good

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So I have gotten the tractor running well, muffler all patched up, and adjusted the transmission properly, as it was obvious someone was screwin' around with the adjustments and didn't know what they were doing.    Well, even after adjustment, it pulls strong and fast in reverse, but sluggish and slow in forward.  Anyway, I wanted to change the fluid but had a full drain oil container so it had to wait, and I wanted to drain it when warm.  Upon removing the filter, this is what I have found in the orafice into the filter from the pump.  Now, I've never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the drawer, but I'm pretty sure this can't be good.  This will be the first Sundstrand pump I have ever had go kaput.  And I am almost certtain it was towed.  The whole tractor seems to have low hours, but was not garage kept and I think it was just never properly cared for.  So now I have to go a lookin' for a pump.  I had a few, but ended up getting rid of them, eventually.  There isn't much demand.  The fact that I can still cut grass and it keeps on truckin' although poorly, is a real testament to these, considering that kind of metal in the fluid.


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