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7116H or Sunstar"

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I'm looking to buy a Simplicity and have scanned the offerings in most of my regional area. I have a couple tractors that are definite possibilities. One is the 7116 and the other is the Sunstar 20HP Magnum that  has the Kohler overhead valve engine. While the Sunstar is highly regarded, I am concerned about parts availability, both OEM and used. Is this an undesirable situation when comparing the two tractors. It appears 7116 parts are pretty accessible.

What is the consenses on the two choices as both working tractors and as repair subjects if and when needed?


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Welcome to the club.

IMO, you pretty much summed it up correctly. 

The SunStar is a great tractor and those that have them love them.  But attachments are more expensive and much hard to find as are spare parts.

The 7100 tractors can do most anything and attachments are more readily available and more reasonably priced. 

The 7116 is a good tractor, especially if it has the hydraulic lift.  Personally, I'd wouldn't get a tractor without the hydraulic lift, unless you just plan to only mow grass. 

If you're planning on keeping the old iron going for many years, buying an almost "roller" such as this tractor:


It's a great cost effective way to have usable parts on hand to keep the old iron going.  In my experience, you'll find many more "parts" Sovereigns (7000 and 7100 series and well as their AC relatives) than SunStars & it's relatives. 

Other opinions will  vary. 


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I think this depends greatly upon what your intended use is.  If you have a 1/2 acre lot and you are just cutting grass, then the 7116 will be a great tractor.  If you have a large lot with a lot of grass to mow, then the available 60" deck on the Sunstar is the better choice.  They are both heavy duty tractors.  The Sunstar, even more so.  The 7116 will have better parts availability, the Sunstar, not as much, but still very serviceable.  Attachments are another thing.  If you intend to blow snow, till, etc., the 7116 will be much easier to get these attachments.  Thye are out there for the Sunstar, just not as easy to find, and more expensive.  Condition and cost are also factors.  The Sunstar is likley a newer tractor, by as much as a good 10 years, I believe.   Many factors to weigh.  The Sunstar however, is the "better" tractor, as it ws the high end Simplicity, at the time.

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It's hard to beat a Sovereign, but the Sunstar ads features that make all sorts or work more enjoyable, and they have become very affordable.  Power steering, differential lock, 2 speed rear end, electric PTO, a taller seating position with a better view, etc are all great attributes for Sunstars outfitted this way.  


The most important question has been asked though...what is the purpose for the machine?  I doubt you will be disappointed with either one.  

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Real hard to get rear attachments and accesories for a Sunstar reasonable prices, if you can find them at all. You could easily spend a $ grand $ or more on a tiller/rear pto setup/ and hitch setup

The snow/dozer blades for Sunstars are not that difficult to find and at reasonable prices. Got mine for around $80  including the lift rod. The Snowblowers for the Sunstars are a little more difficult to find than the blades , but not near as hard to find as the rear attachments. Snowblower run commonly at the $400 give or take  level. Watched for a couple of years and snagged one for $200 off craigslist back in February.

Parts tractor Sunstars are getting more reasonable and more common to find all the time compared to a few years ago.


Soveriegn styles have been around since 1973. They, and the attachments to fit them, are literally just about as common as dirt. They sit in the weeds everywhere..&:) Prices can be cheap and sometimes even freedOd

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Want to use a loader, bigger deck, and move a lot of snow . Get Sunstar.  

Want a nimble . Cheaper, tough, simple tractor , use grader blade, mow less than two acres and want a sickle mower buy 7000 series 

Best answer buy both !!!!! 



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      Hello glad I got on this site. I hope to upload a couple of photos of my Simplicity Broadmoor 
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      I will try and down load some photos of the tractor when my wife shows me how to. 
      I really love driving this tractor and also how well it is made compare today's tractors, especially the flexible rear end and the rollers.
      Tell the next time 
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