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Different Charging Systems

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The first is the original Delco-Remey belt driven starter/generator which uses an external style regulator like that of the cars of the 1950s-60s. As far as Simp/AC is concerned this style (which a lot of you know) was used exclusively on B&S engines - not Kohler. Due to the rising cost from Delco-Remey ($450 for starter/gen alone) this system was replaced by ones made by the engine manufacturers.

The second charging system is the engine OEM type which AC/Kohler used from the start and Simp/B&S later swithed to in 1979-80 with the 7100 series. These use magnets under the flywheel (to form an alternator), an external solid state regulator and a small separate "gear" starter . They are less costly than the Delco system and fairly reliable. Usually the regulator will need replacement before the alternator. One advantage of the Delco system is that engine removal is not necessary - unlike that of the flywheel alternator design.

The systems are not interchangeable and it is important to know which is being discussed.

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