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voltage regulators/starter generators etc...


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Some input here, first of all an old tractor with starter/generator is not hard to repair nor understand. I have come across a new style voltage regulator that is a solid state unit, no more contact points!! They wire in very simply and work a lot better than the old style. E-mail me for more info. Starter generators can usually always be rebuilt for $90-130. Not too expensive in my book but make sure and take it to a good starter/alternator rebuild shop. Always polarize the electrical system whenever you remove or replace the regulator or starter/generator!!!!!!!!! There is a very simple test to quickly determine if the starter/generator or regulator is faulty, here it is. Simply put a clamp-on ammeter around pos. battery cable or wire in a amp guage between cable and battery, after tractor is running though!!!! Then simply hook a jumper wire from field terminal of generator to ground and read amperage. Only do this for a very few seconds!!! If all of a sudden you read amperage then regulator must be faulty. If you still read nothing then get starter/generator tested at rebuild shop. Shouldn't be telling you this, I'm a service manager at Simplicity dealership but I wanted to put in my 2 cents and help someone.
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If anyone is interested in these new regulators you can reach me at (716)765-2880. The name of the dealership is:
Gordon-Fisk Inc.
Corners or rts 63 & 18
Lyndonville, NY 14098
The regulators are around $40 plus shipping.
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