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11.5 pounds of potatoes in a 7 pound sack

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I had previously repowered this salvaged 707 with a used  8 hp Briggs but it crapped out.  I couldn't find a new 8 hp but I got a good deal on this 11.5 on ebay.  The bolt pattern was identical and the hood that came with it had already been hacked up so I cut it back to make it fit. 

I had the machine shop drill the drive pulley deeper so it would fit higher on the crank shaft for belt alignment.

Had the muffler man fabricate the exhaust but I added the VW chrome tips to quiet it down. 

The grandkids love it.

2013-11-09 18.25.35.jpg

2013-11-09 18.15.34.jpg


2013-11-08 19.36.13.jpg

2013-11-09 18.15.15.jpg

2013-11-09 18.15.06.jpg

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