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Landlord PTO questions

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The 2 gang pulley on the deck drive PTO on my 65 Landlord refuses to stay on all of a sudden. I have removed the woodruff key, that appears to be worn , likely from the last time someone worked on it not being able to find one and had to modify one, too. I have at lest 16 different sizes of keys in an assortment, with none close enough to use without modification.. So I am doing the same, found the closest and making it work so I can finish the yard tomorrow. The key slot on the pulley is not worn that I can tell, and I was almost unable to get the key out of the shaft. Will also get a new setscrew, thinking that maybe the end does not bite hard enough into the key. That pulley has been on the tractor since I dragged it out of the ditch years ago, and the mower has certainly been used. 

My question, though. Can someone please give me the OD of the driven pulley on the PTO clutch (left side while sitting in the seat) pulley? I looked at the part breakdown for the PTO, and it is showing 2 loose pulleys attached with setscrews. My pulley is welded to the shaft. To remove the shaft required disassembly of the PTO or removal of the deck to get the shaft out. I am wondering if the welded pulley was an improvement from a later time, or something someone found in the spare parts bin and welded on the shaft. If the latter, is it the proper OD for the right blade speed.

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Welded to the shaft??  Sounds like the previous owner had trouble with it also.  As for the set screw, If you look at the bottom of a new one, you can see that it has little ridges.  These bite into the surface but wear off in time.  (I only learned this recently while repairing my sickle bar.)  My PO simply screwed the set screw down into the key groove - - - everything that goes wrong, you can blame on the PO.

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See this post for some size references:


As noted in the above post, the early PTO shafts had a pulley welded on one end, while the newer versions did not. 

This is the IPL for my B-110 PTO (welded pulley):


The key shown with part #32 (PTO Shaft Assembly) is part #905123, listed a woodruff key, 3/16 x 3/4.

As an aside, I had too much side play in my B-110 PTO and found destroyed thrust washes.  I wrote this post about it:


I don't remember any problems disassembling it.  Maybe some of the pics may help. 

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I  ground a key to close, then finished the last couple of thousandths with a file. The pulley is tight again. I did put a new set screw in it, and tightened until I was afraid I was going to break the Allen wrench, ran it, then tightened again, but was unable to move it. everything looks fine again. But, are both the driven pulley and the drive pulley on the 2 gang pulley supposed to be the same OD? The breakdown you show has a welded pulley, the one I have shows 2 separate pulleys on a common shaft. Maybe the welded driven pulley was an improvement over the older models, and mine is factory, instead of made in the shop.

As for the thrust washer, mine did not have a key cut out. I left a little play when reassembling, and thought about a thrust bearing as you did. Having a little bit of everything in the shop, I tried one. There was not that much wear, to put 2 hardened washers and a thrust bearing in the slot. I am considering, a project, however, to replace the needles. I put longer needle bearings in my steering gear and almost have power steering. The original bearings in the steering gear were about 1/2" long, mine are over 3/4" , giving more support on the shaft. Steers a lot easier. The project being considered is to remove the Simplicity bearings, turn some of the shoulder away inside the tube, and put in longer bearings. Biggest reason I have not, is that I am not currently having a bearing problem, simply give it a shot of grease every 3 or 4 mowings. Thanks

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      Hello glad I got on this site. I hope to upload a couple of photos of my Simplicity Broadmoor 
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