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      Feedback Please!   10/28/2017

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Feedback on this new site

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Rather than a simple poll, I'm soliciting more detailed feedback on this new site software.  Now that it has been running for a while, and we've just undergone a major release that added a few new features, I'd like some specific feedback.

1.  What are you finding really nice or beneficial, in comparison to the old site?

2.  What are you finding difficult or causing you problems, in comparison to the old site?

3.  What features/functions of the old site have you found to be totally missing in this new software?  Note that I am aware that some of the old content still has not been converted to the new Research Section.

4.  What areas of the site, or what functions do you think are so difficult that creating a Tutorial to explain them would be helpful or valuable to new users?

5.  Any other improvements that you would like to see?  No promises, but something you'd like might be easily added....

Thanks so much for your feedback, and your continued loyalty and patience. 

Do you realize that we'll celebrate our 19th anniversary in about six weeks?  That must equate to a century or more in "internet years!"  We need to start thinking about how we can celebrate our 20th anniversary next year....

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I wonder what the "dog years " equivalent would be for the net? I have a feeling it's a big one considering I have been active on the net for a dozen years and have seen a lot come and go. 

I vote for a special banner for club member display at the shows next year. Some regional plow days for club members would be great! I need to get to work to participate in either, but I could use a good prodding! 

I have not seen a big change in what I use on the sight since the update. I do wonder if the classifieds are no longer tied to everything else as far as hitting the newspaper looking icon at the top to see recent activity? I might need to change some settings? 

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