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Allis 720 lives again

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Last housing was ordered by Simplicity Mfg from Sundstrand was 2011, there is no old new stock to be found anywhere.

Previous owner towed Allis 720 damaging piston slippers and fixed swash plate surface inside the motor housing. After spending three months on the hunt decided to modify a more readily available motor housing.

The machine shop did a great job.

In the top picture the long nose housing on the left is the old damaged housing that Allis requires, one of the right hand side has been modified








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Nicely done Gill!

You can now have the 720 designated to loader tractor & 9020 to snowblower tractor!

I know I have been pretty inthralled by some of your repair posts on these including the engines!

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8 hours ago, SimpleOrange said:

Thanks ShaunE.

We had a nice dump of snow today with more expected during the evening, so the 9020 gets a work out tomorrow. The single stage snow thrower works great, but I'm curious why the case guys modify their snow throwers with rubber paddles.

I found that for a light skiff of snow it helps to put the tractor into a higher gear so that your gathering more snow to throw.

The Allis 720 has a damaged rear wheel rim, the holes worn out from loose wheel nuts, it has the wide flotation tires and I expect that rim is expensive to replace. I'm going to have the Colony laser cut a pair of 6" on 6" center plates then replace both rim centers.

Both tires are loaded, fortunately I have an ARO pneumatic diaphragm pump to handle the fluids. Next on my wish list is the air / water valve adapter used to empty and refill the tires.


Jack Cobb has rims for sale in Classifieds.  https://simpletractors.com/classifieds/item/486-16-x-8-720-rear-ag-rims-no-tires/


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