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Allis Mow Bee


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I'm trying to get information on the selling price
of a Allis Mow Bee in perfect shape, in fact it
has never mowed a blade of grass. A friend of a
friend bought the mower for $500 and thinks he can
sell it for $1000 or more.

A picture from the literature is at URL


Thank you. elb@kestral.co.intel.com www.europa.com/~jerryg/Mow_Bee.jpg
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An old mower is just an old mower unless you can find that right person that will pay what you want. As an old mower even in good shape the $500.00 sounds high. Most of us collectors of old AC's restore and use our tractors. It will be harder to find someone who wants to pay high price for a show piece. Anyway good luck to your friend in recouping their investment. Tim
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