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Troubleshooting hydraulic problems in 7116H

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So...  After several years of waiting, I installed a hydraulic lift kit that I got from ebay on my 7116H.

A beotch of a time installing... About four hours.  Tested it, unloaded, and it went up and down.  The other day, I put a dozer blade on it  and boo-hoo.... No up.  I can manually lift it, and the hydraulic lift takes some of the load.  The blade stays in the up position; I can even step on it after it's up.  Of course, going down is no problem.

Is there a line blockage on the "up" setting in the control valve?  What are the principles of troubleshooting hydraulic problems?  I had wrapped all the piping and hose ends as soon as I got the kit from ebay, and it sat for three or four years.  But.  I didn't check the lines and all for cleanliness before installing.  20-20 hindsight, as usual.

Anyhow, I have to deal with the situation as it is.  Any help would be appreciated!  JF

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Did you change/add RVs in the Sundstrand pump for 800 psi?  That's the pressure needed for correct operation of the hydraulic lift.

If not see:

See this article:


And also see my "Comment" on the article for further info (in "User Feedback" at the bottom of the article).


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OK, now I have hydraulics on the 7116.  The key is to install an implement relieve valve.  See PhanDad's link above.

Refer to the illustration at the top of that link.  The top valve is the charge relief valve, and the side "valve" is only a plug in a stock 7116.  The missing part is 1667774, the implement relief valve.  This collection of small parts is available here and there on the internot for about $100.  It the same as the charge relief valve except for the spring.  Study the illustration at the top of that thread carefully to understand the difference.

The spring 1667773, which is in part 1667774, is a very stiff spring, about 1" long, and it converts the charge relief valve to an implement relief valve.  All the other parts are the same.  I couldn't find this particular spring for sale on the internot.  Anyhow, the fix is easy: 

Step 1.  Swap the existing charge relief valve where the plug is, and discard the plug. 

Step 2. Install the implement relief valve where the charge relief valve used to be.

There are shims available to regulate the pressure of the implement relief valve, but I didn't use any, and the lift worked well.  The shims are little metal discs, about 1/8" in diameter and of several thicknesses, from about 1/64" (by eye) to about 1/16" (by eye).  I didn't actually test the pressure, but it is sufficient.  Adding the shims compresses the spring, increasing the pressure for the relief valve.  You'd have to hook up a pressure valve to know exactly what pressure you're getting.

A new problem is that the supply fitting tube elbow, 1675789SM, the front elbow, is leaking due to the increased psi.  Par for the course when it comes to Chinese manufacture, but hey.  Can't expect Briggs to make America great again, I guess.

Anyhow, many thanks to all!

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