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so far so good

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The bargain buy 7112s for $375.00 so far I have not found any major issues.Was able to run it for about 45 minutes blowing snow with no problems.The BGB is good a tight with no slop. Welded up some worn linkage parts and adjusted the main clutch , installed roller bearings to the steering spindles ,  repacked the front wheel bearings and replaced the bearings in the center blade spindle on the deck. Was able to sell my 4211 for $250.00 to  someone that wanted a small lawn tractor so his kids could help with mowing. So the walk behind snowblower my wife looked at at Lowes for $800.00 that made me go out and buy a CG tractor and blower from Ebay for $264.00 I figure I still have a little money left over then if I would have bought that blower from Lowes. 

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