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Attachments for Landlord 2010 60s

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Others with real knowledge will no doubt chime in, but I believe the answer is yes, a snowblower will fit.  The reason I say this is that we have a snowblower for our ancient Landlord that we keep at our cabin.  We've used the tractor for mowing and trailer pulling for 40 years, but have never actually used the snowblower.  I would try to provide more information, but it's 10 hrs away.

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I have seen post that suggest that only a plow for removing snow was offered with the 2010 I have a 3410S that I am pretty sure will take a snowblower but would have liked to put it on the 2010 much strnger machine in my opinion

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There's a lot of information in the "Research" section of this site about the tractors and attachments from the '60's (and 70's too)  Here's a link of the attachments available in 1967:


The Landlord 2010 show in the first pic had a snowblower mounted at one time - you can see the snowblower driver pulley mounted on the engine shaft and the belt guide "finger" below it.  With 10HP, a 36" snowblower was recommended (IMO, stay away from an old 3 belt blower, go with a single belt blower (single belt shown on landlord2110 pic above).

These early tractors are known on this site as FDT's (foot dragger tractor) since you rested your feet on relatively small footrests.  The FDT tractors had a clutch built into the snowblower hitch.  It looks like this:Old_Hitch_0011a.jpg.36e45da9ce549ff69d7b54d9463b43ff.jpg

(I cut the clutch arm off so the hitch would fit under the hood of a newer tractor).

About 1970, the RBT's (running board tractor) appeared; the first was the 3300 series which look very similar to raven2955's  3410 pic above.  Note the long running board - lot's of space for your foot and safer.  Pretty much the same availability of attachments as the FDT's.

As to a snowblower, with the longer hood and enclosed engine PTO (doesn't stick through the front grill - safer again), a front PTO is used with a two pulley hitch:


The original OEM front PTO was mechanical, but an electric clutch will also work.  The front PTO provided the clutching action.  

Although the FDT and RBT snowblower heads look pretty much the same, there are differences - the main one being the size of the driven pulley (larger on the RBT blowers since the diameter of the front PTO is larger).  

Bottom line is explore the "Research" section of the site and see all the wonderful things these old tractors can do.

Welcome aboard.


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