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I'm posting this here to avoid "spamming" everyone...

I'm happy to report that I finally have all the site's functions back up and running reliably on this new server, as far as I know. It was a much bigger hassle than anticipated, and caused unforeseen problems for you, my loyal visitors.

I apologize for the disruptions in availability, functions such as Search not working, and problems such as the navigation bars mysteriously disappearing.

Most of the problems (other than the premature change in address to this new server) were caused by challenges in getting FrontPage 2000 (the Microsoft tool I'm using) configured correctly on the server so that I could publish the web directly to it, taking advantage of the server-side FrontPage components. To fix it required the system engineers at the host to muck with it a few times, usually inducing more symptoms (such as navigation bars disappearing).

All seems well now for a couple of consecutive days. Looks like we're back to where we were before, and hopefully ready to implement the new clubhouse in just a few more days. (The programmer was out of town last week, while I was busy wrestling with this site, so we're running behind.)

Note that I'll have to take the Discussion forum down then for a few hours to move the discussion database into the new clubhouse. I'll announce it in advance here and through the Yahoo club mailing list (if you've joined it).

Again, I apologize for the hassles and thank you for your patience. I hope the improved speed is noticeable (seems to be much faster during the busy work day, to me, at least). You'll see even more new functions over the next few months.


P.S. Some "trivial pursuit" stuff about Simple trACtors, as of tonight (courtesy of FrontPage's summary reports), just so you can appreciate the "fun" I'm having:

2074 separate files, total
577 pictures included
795 files have been created or updated in the last 30 days
only 594 have NOT been updated in the last 72 days
21,794 kb or roughly 21.8 mb in total size
4573 hyperlinks (3807 internal, 766 to external pages or e-mail addresses)

P.S.S. And yes, for the last few days it feels like I've created a "monster!"
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Hi Kent, I knew you could get Frankie up on his toes for us including yourself. Now one question-can you keep him under control so as he doesn't take control of us "all"????? Thanks Kent for everything and as always keep up the "GREAT WORK".->jackl<-happyjack<->
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Hey Kent - lookin good from here. Maybe it would be easier to have your own cable TV show - naw - then you'd probably just have a different set of problems to work out - oh well - glad to hear you're having so much fun learning the ins and outs of FP! Can't wait to try it myself - I know who to call for help! Hope your wife hasn't divorced you yet for all the time you give to us - at least untill all the tractors are fixed! Please tell her we thank her too! ;)
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