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Cone Clutch Pivot Assy Relining

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In a previous post (https://simpletractors.com/forums/topic/59633-7119-cone-clutch/?tab=comments#comment-479762 )

I asked about relining the cone clutch pivot assembly.  Let me show you how I resolved the issue.  Bare in mind that I am relining the pivot assy, not the clutch plate.  Others have mentioned using a strip of leather to reline the clutch plate which would work fine.  But I don't think leather would hold up for the pivot assy.  So first, I bought a piece of 7"x7"x1/8" brake lining material from McMaster-Carr for about $30.  There was still one pad remaining in the pivot ring so I knocked it out with a gentle tap on a steel chisel.  It came right out but broke into two pieces.  Holding the two pieces together, I traced out the pattern on the lining material and cut out four new pieces with a Dremel saw wheel (precision was not my primary concern).  (Brake lining material is not asbestos, but very similar and makes a lot of dust so be sure to wear a mask.)  The next step will be to polish the bonding surface (with the Dremel) and bond the new pads to the ring using JB Weld.  Easy-Peasy.

But now that I have done it once, if I were going to do it again, I would cut one contiguous round ring.  I would drill a hole in the material and using the hole as center, would draw two circles with a compass to match the inner and outer diameter of the pivot ring; then cut out the desired piece with the Dremel.  It cuts very easily but be sure to wear a mask.  




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