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Wonderboy 700paint code

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The 700's seemed to be a little more red than the later models. If using an aerosol Duplicolor DE1607 looks alright. I have a code on the other computer for a PPG color that was pretty close. Will post later. 

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Paint is by PPG. This was computer color matched to a part I painted with Duplicolor DE1607. It is a slight bit darker than the DE1607 or at least as it has aged (now 12 years later) is has darkened some. I like the color.  


MAE61511 C Orange    
Code Color Parts Cumulative
M130 Orange 479.9 479.9
M104 Red 199.1 679
M117 Black 19.7 698.7
M119 White 18 716.7
M102 Drier 17.6 734.3
M103 Clear 382.8 1117.1



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