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Letting your feet down, Dutch you ought to try it.

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Sam, Mine still has the front blade on it, since we've had snow & sleet in last week or so... But, it certainly isn't getting much use. The blade will come off any day now, though.... Kent

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Just took off the snowblower from the wonderboy 700 I did use it for pulling a car around.If I tryed to go out in the garden now I would have to keep a chain on it so I could pull it out of the mud with another tractor. It is fun driving this tractor with the front wheels off the ground.After all pulling a 2000 lb car with a 600 lb tractor is quite a feat.Bob

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I'm a little green at driving these machines with the toe plates, but it they seem to have their plusses. Being used to pulling my knees up and letting my feet sit flat , it takes a little while to get used to keeping them streched out, but hey, this is nice for a lot of on "on and off again"" jobs around the yard. Just drop your feet and go! Don't have to swing your leg quite as much. In all honesty though, my preference for mowing is still the foot plate equipped rigs. Guess I'm not just not seasoned enough too really appreciate the "Real Thing", no disrespect intended. My yellow jewel is getting quite dirty doing yard waste pick up and alot of roto tilling. Kent, Hope your having as much fun with your conversion piece! SmilinSam

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      It's in pretty sad shape, but yes I have a yellow plastic cap that I'm fairly certain is what you need. PM me your details and I'll get it out to you.
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      Try this web site for the previous message I reported that did not work for you guys. 
      The message is about a man in Arkansas who builds miniature vehicles out of old refrigerators that are drivable.
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