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We pull a 917. We have been very succesful with the tractor (2nd in points behind a Simplicity Diesel). We have a weight bracket on the front out just far enough to not interfer with opening the hood (we don't use the sliding extension like a lot of the Cub's use). We have a weight bracket just in front of the rear tires hanging from the electric lift mounting holes (hang weights as close as you can to the rear tires). And we have a bracket on the rear. We ALWAYS have most of the weights on the center, sometimes we move some weight to the front if there is very good traction. We NEVER have weight on the front and back at the same time. Your 7117 should be good puller. We pull both the 917 and a 718 and the 900 frame works better than the 700 (longer wheelbase). Good Luck! Mike S.

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First Rule! don't listen to anyone with a cub. Weight placement is based on the length of your hitch from the center line of the rear wheels. The longer the hitch the more the weight needs to be moved to the front when the tractor hooks. When pulling in dust you need all the weight on the rear wheels and a longer hitch may help. Make your weight bars so that the weight can be moved front to back to fine tune for the amount of hook in the track.

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