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7013 Vickers Hydro Pump

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Does anyone know if the Hydro Pump from a 7013H  (part # 166097,  Vickers cast iron) is the same as on an AC HB-212. Can't seem to find a parts manual for the Hb-212

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I believe it is the same.  

The "new" style parts manuals now on the Briggs Simplicity for a HB212 mfg# 2029952 is a Simplicity 3212H manual re-titled  (check the page with the hood), shows the same part number you list.

I have an "old" style AC parts manual that lists the HB112 hydro pump #2027439 which crosses to the same 166097.  However, that pump is slightly different from the the later version pumps. 

A pic of the HB112 pump:


Later Vickers from my Homelite T12:


I've posted about this before and no one has explained the difference.  Probably the newer pump is capable of 2 pressures, while the older pump only 1.  

So if you're plan is to swap whole units, you're probably good to go.  Parts swapping, maybe not.  


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