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Serrated Grader Blade – Hitch


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In a previous thread Dave (Dave-Saratoga) speculated that a front mounted snow/dozer blade hitch could be modified to work as a center (belly) mounted grader blade hitch. I examined front blade hitches from six different tractors (including a B-1, B-112, AC 700 series, Simplicity 7000 & 7100 series, and a ’96 Sovereign). The front hitches from the B-series and 2 of the 700/7000 series were virtually identical to the grader blade hitch. Critical dimensions from other (later) tractors were also identical, however the overall length was about 3” longer. What this means is, if anyone needing a grader blade hitch can find an older front blade hitch, it will work with very little modification. Then the only part that has to be fabricated is the grader blade mount. In fact, with the addition of a removable lift arm, the same hitch can be used for both the front mounted blade and the grader blade. I already built a removable lift arm that I installed on a Kubota snowthrower (see the perforated vertical bar in figure #11. on the Hybrid Hitch page). I will take close up photos and include them with the serrated blade hitch instructions. BTW – Dave has/had a spare front blade hitch. You may want to email him (orogenic@aol.com).
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