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I got my AC 710 running today

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I cleaned the tank, bowl, carb body ( I did not rebuild it but cleaned it in place) I set the needles out 2.5 turns (correct?) It has a kohler 10hp engine. It was running pretty good for being a "trash tractor" at a gravely/simplicity dealer it doesn't even smoke. The man said he did $300.00 worth of work and the owner did not want to pay the bill so they used it around the yard to pull other tractors around. Once it got a flat tire they left it for dead I got it for $125.00 not too bad eh. The body has some rust on the battery side and the hood is banged up and dented, but he had an old 716h that was in the boneyard and it had a good hood it was just about all torn apart (no rearend, engine etc). I tried driving the 710 and it was not stopping as quick as I like and the gears were grinding. I need a copy of a service manual on the engine and tractor. I also need an owners manual for it. Can anyone help? I can pay for copying/shipping. Would simplicity manuals cover the AC 710? I think the brakes need adjustment and the I need new belts. Thanks in advance John H

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John, You may want to check the belt guide fingers. If the gears are grinding when you are going into a gear from neutral, the drive belt fingers may not be close enough to the belt. They should just clear the belt when the clutch is released. That will make the belt push away from the pulley when the clutch is depressed. Just a thought. If you get the numbers off the tractor and call Simplicity, you can get the manuals for this tractor. Good luck, Clayton

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I have an AC716H. I got a manual for a Simplicity 7016H. It covered both the 7016H and the 7010H. Other than the differences in the hood (grill), the other difference is that Simplicitys used B/S engines and AC used Kohlers. Rest of the parts are the same. Check your idler with clutch pushed in. There is an adjustment for clutch freeplay, should ba about 1/8 inch. There are also two holes for mounting the idler. I have found that on a new belt I use one hole, but as the belt stretches and wears I sometimes have to move the idler to the other hole. With a new belt, if the idler is in the wrong hole the belt will not fully release, causing the gears to scrape when going from neutral. If the grinding is while driving, check the fluid level in the tranny. As I learned the hard way recently, fill only to the lower hole. This is approximately at axle level. Fill only to the bottom of the hole or till it is first visible in the street elbow. Rod H.

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