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Update on Landlord 101 project

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I have been doing some work on the 101 project. Big thing so far besides getting the engine running is painting all the wheels, and having a full set of tires that hold air. I ended up replacing both front tires, one of the back tires held air ok, and the other one held air after putting the Green Slime in it. I have it strippped down to a rolling chassis and degreased it with Simple green and gave it a good bath with a power washer.


The rest of the parts are in various buckets and so on waiting to be cleaned up for painting or refinishing.


I also ordered a decal set from Vintage reproductions for when things are nice and shiny again. I will use Rustoleum Kubota Orange as the main chassis color, and use black and white rattle can Rustoleum for the other colors. Next step is to do all the sanding, priming, and body filler needed to make it look good, but the metal is pretty straight, if a little rusty in places. 

My next concern is the Hydrolift. I was able to remove the whole thing as a unit, and everything is there and the hoses are intact. One thing that concerns me is the fact that the cylinder was extended before it went into hibernation, and there is some rust on  the plunger as shown.  Hopefully I can just clean it up, but I could use some guidance here.


Hopefully I will have it all done for a couple of upcoming local tractor shows later this summer.



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