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Predator 22hp oil filter

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I have been having a hard time getting a filter that fits properly on my HF Predator 670 22hp engine. I have tried all the ones people have posted about that I can get my hands on and to make a long story short most bottom out on the threads due to the design of the threaded nipple. If the threads were the 20mm size of a Honda filter it would be easy to find filters. Well tonight I tried an Oregon filter Part number 83-283 and it fits perfect. The filter gasket is a bit bigger in outside diameter but fits the base well almost to the outer edge but with a little room to spare, and the filter is longer and a little bigger around and clears everything good. The specs compare well to the Fram PH4967 that HF recommends which bottoms on the threads before it is truly tight. I have a feeling that there are some design variances in these engines so that some get by ok with the other filters.  So here is one more option for a filter for anyone looking.      Oregon 83-283

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