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Simplicity 4041 Questions

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Hi Guys its been quit some time since i have posted anything but i am starting to work on my 4041 again.

My first question is regarding the rear pto, it works when I flip the switch but seams to be a bit loud. is this   


my second question is the regarding the engine? I hear a valve tap ,I checked the clearance and it seams to be correct,

am i to check hot or cold?

thanks for your help!    Gary


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equipment guy

Hello,    Valve clearances are set cold.   As far as the rear PTO being loud, my 9020 seems to be loud.  I have been using it quite hevily this spring, and summer, without any problems. However with that being said, I plan on changing all the bearings in the pto driveline.  I did shred one of these clutches in the past, so now I try to maintain on the side of caution.

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