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Paint Color for AC 620 Wheels and Attachments

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The following paint codes are correct for AC 620 tractors (from Brenda at Sandy Lake, I think).
* AC orange/red: DuPont 29047 (Persian Orange #2)
* AC cream: Pittsburgh Plate Class (PPG) number 8638

Most of my implements have Simplicity tags and were originally orange.  I repainted them with Persian Orange #2 to match my AC 620. To mix thing up I'd like to paint one of my mowers white. Were implements and wheels the same color, AC cream?



Can anyone recommend a good quality paint that matches PPG 8638? What paints are you using to match AC Cream?

Years ago I painted my wheels International (IH) White and have done so ever since so that wheels can be switched between tractors and still match. I think IH White is a little darker than AC Cream. This is the best photo I could find that shows IH white wheels against "pure white" snow.


Also, does anyone know of a source for the AC decal on the front left of the mower?


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I still use and prefer Rustoleum Canvas White for my wheels.  I use it for implement refurbs too.  I have sprayed it on rims to just seal a gouge or scratch and avoid rust setting in, and it is a VERY close match to early rims.  I think the white changed in the mid to late 70's though, to a brighter white.  

Also, the Allis orange changed on the powermax class machines at some point...probably with the move from early to late 720.  The 616/620/E720 is Persian #2, and the L720 is Corporate Orange PPG 60856.  Side by side, on a pair of originals, the color difference is noticeable.  I have also used orange parts from Simplicity's on my 616 and they are a perfect color match.  I don't believe the paint colors are different from Simplicity to Allis machines.  Example, the Rear PTO guard, Rear PTO coupler and Rear PTO Clutch cover on my 616 came from a 4041.  Perfect original paint matches.  I have also swapped wheels around and notice no difference in the white. 


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Thanks for the first hand observations. I painted a Simplicity 7016 hood with Rustoleum Canvas White and it looked too white to me. It could be the case that nearly everything I acquire is rusty and stained and I'm used to seeing white parts that are more off-white than they should be. The 4041 hood in the photo is a near perfect match to a sample of original paint from a protected area under the dash. I prefer the gray hood over bright white.

It makes sense that implements and wheels would be the same color. I was going to try to make it as close to original as possible but will probably just fall back on the sound advice to "paint it whatever color looks good to you".

Clickitandstickit does have the AC mower decal.


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Thanks for all the responses.

Here are examples of white implements from a brochure.



The original paint on this snow thrower looks bright white. Josh's suggestion of Rustoleum Canvas White is probably spot on for the original color.


It looks like a close match to the white on this Brinly rear scrapper blade.



Does anyone recognize this restored snow thrower and mower deck? I saved the photos years ago and don't remember who did the restoration - likely a member here. They look great. I really like the colors and am curious if the owner remembers what paint was used.  



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