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"N.T." Re: Those Wonderful Free Offers--My New Re

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Hey all: I really dislike the unsolicited email offers which continually find their way around my email provider's filters. I just got my "travel confirmed" email today--not that I knew I was going anywhere. So I thought I would have a little fun. My response is below, after which is the original "offer and travel confirmation" I received. Peter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dear avstt: Just sent your wonderful confirmation of my (unsolicited) winning of two free nights in a hotel, to the FCC and various other consumer groups, as an example of the type of advertising other, less reputable firms could use to "benchmark" themselves. You may wish to have your P.R. dept. track the results of any investigations launched by the consumer and governmental bodies I've alerted to your remarkable marketing efforts, as ultimately, they could serve to distinguish your company from so many similar companies who might have more name recognition, but obviously have so much less to offer, as they would normally CHARGE MONEY for their hotel rooms. Thanks again. And I don't mind telling you, I honestly hope that, as a result my efforts to reveal the truth about your noteworthy marketing efforts, the way your company is able to do business changes dramatically, and permanently, for the better! Oh, re: the two free nights? I am going to have to pass--could you give them to someone less fortunate than myself? I don't have a lot of time to travel, generally, and I already have the following comittment: It seems that the FCC is offering me several nights lodging (at Uncle Sam's expense!) in a facility it has a contract with, (but undoubtedly not of the same caliber as yours, I'm sure!), somewhere in the D.C. area, near the Justice Dept. Apparently, they were so intrigued by the level of sophistication of your marketing efforts, they would like me to come down personally to help them identify exactly how I came to the notice of such a fine organization as yours. They are shipping me, and my computer, along with a some sort of "internet history data packet" from my online cable provider (do you understand this stuff? I sure don't...:( ) Anyway, they said that, ultimately, efforts like those your company has already become known for, may one day be the topic of a formal legislative address by the United States Congress! I'm excited, and I don't even work for your company! Well, I'd better start packing. Thanks again. Sincerely, Peter Strong ----Original Message Follows---- From: qvstt@topmail.com.ar To: CC: Subject: autoresponse: travel confirmed Re: autoresponse: travel confirmed Dear TRAVELER, How does it feel to get 2 Free Hotel Nights? Consider yourself lucky! You are receiving an email that entitles you to 2 FREE HOTEL NIGHTS. No kidding! This is not a joke. DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL... you really can get 2 FREE HOTEL NIGHTS! Click here for details. So, what are you waiting for? This is a limited time offer, so be a winner and claim your 2 FREE HOTEL NIGHTS. Click here now! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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