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Got granny all put back together and running. Seems to be fine exept the limited slip isnt slipping. Makes for better climbing on the hilly terrain I call a yard. Mowed for about three hours with no problems. Next thing I need to do is replace the 1st and 3rd and 2 and R gears in her. But that is going to be a fall job. Thanks for all the suggestions and help. ddh

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If the rear is constantly locked, then the gear on the left axle(the main one)is spaced too far toward the gear fro the right hub. This causes this gear to mesh with the outboard gears(spiders) from both sides of the diff and locks the unit. Probably means you have a spacer washer or two in the wrong place. Used this technique years ago to lock the rear of a pulling tractor, before I found out that they actually made a limited slip unit. Rod H.

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