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I was wondering if someone could give me the approx.
year of an ancient Wonderboy, mfg. 990234. My dad
bought it back in the early 70's. The simp. dealer
gave him A good deal on it because he didn't have
much money. It's what got me started on Simplicity's
and I would like to rebuild it for sentemental?
reasons someday down the road.Also what h.p. did it
come with.Thanks. Rich P.
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Rich, while that WB 400 is a little too old to appear in the present "X-Ref" table, it is in the "Engine Reference" section of "Parts" on the main page. It was built in 1962, '63, '64 and '65 and had a four horse Briggs 100202 type 0189-01.
There is a nice picture of the companion WB 600 in the "Simplicity" section under "New in 1962".
Of course that one isn't nearly as much fun to drive as my older 990154 WB 575 with the "suicide" (tiller) steering!
I notice that the 400 was only available with the 24" single blade deck. Was that still the beautiful cast-aluminum one, as on the older machines?
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