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Another Deutz Allis (Now I have 2)

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Hi All,

I spotted this tractor back in the spring in a driveway less than a half mile from my house.

The Deutz Allis green grabbed my attention. A couple weeks went by and its still sitting in the same spot with a flat tire. I stopped at the home and asked the woman who answered the door. Explained that I was interested and left my number. About a week later a gentleman calls me and tells me it was in his family and had no intentions of ever selling it. A couple months go by and it's still sitting there. I called and left a phone message with my number asking if they had reconsidered selling. Another week goes by and I get a phone call. He is ready to sell. Me and my wife go right down in the pouring rain. It's a Power Steering model! It had a brand new battery and will not start. I offered $400 and he accepted. Immediately I gave a deposit in case he would possibly change his mind. Off to the atm and back with the rest of the cash. In the pouring rain we push it on the trailer and get home. Still working on the 917  but mostly done. 

Cleaned the fuel tank, new fuel lines shutoff and filter. Cleaned all the electrical connections behind the dash, new chinese carb, air filter, new points and condenser, plugs and wires. Changed engine oil. Serviced the Hydro trans and new filter.

This baby runs like a champ!

New tires will be on Today and will be mowing this weekend. I have not checked out the deck other than cleaning it off. The shell is solid. The discharge chute and belt covers are like new. They were taken off and never used. I will use one of my other decks in the meantime.

When I get it all cleaned I will post some more photos.






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Wow!  you hit the jackpot!  Someone went through a lot of effort to retrofit the late power steering to that machine.  They weren't offered with that style.

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VERY Nice tractor

Can't blame the ENABLERS for this one.    You did GREAT..I am jealous.

ENABLER = Image result for goat pic

You know who you are >:(

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3 hours ago, Talntedmrgreen said:

  Someone went through a lot of effort to retrofit the late power steering to that machine.  They weren't offered with that style.

I put one of those ps kits on the DA917 I used to have. Went on without a problem.Just takes some patience unhooking stuff to get the steering column out and the ps column in, but the instructions are pretty good.

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Impressive tractor, cleaned up very nicely.

You scored a great deal.  

Next challenge is to find an even better deal on an attachment or another tractor.


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WOW so surprised! Thank you all so much! It feels really good knowing that I did well! 

I knew I had to be diligent about following up with the owner and it was eventually going to end up in my stable.( I didn't know the machine was equipped with power steering. Thanks for the info TMG about it being a retrofit. ) Now with someone that appreciates it as much as the original owner. The gentleman I bought it from has a small patch of grass that I would cut with a push mower in 15 minutes. It sat outside for a good 3 months and we have had so much rain here in North east PA it was almost like monsoon season. Every day I would have to drive by and see the tractor outside in the rain with a flat tire. It was kind of sad. But it was meant to be and I finally won! The Deutz Allis now has a good home.

PS got the tires on and mowed yesterday for about 2 hrs. Runs great, KT-17 motor is very strong. The engine data plate was blank. Nothing readable.

I'm guessing it was replaced at some time? The HOBBS meter indicates 1519 hours. Not possible on this engine without issues right?

The MODEL number is 1691960 the fuel tank is stamped 4-9-92-3 so I'm guessing 1992. Is this one of the last DA brand? My other one's tank is stamped 91.

They look like the transformers in my driveway. Gotta get the other one in a photo op!




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    • Paul M.Murphy

      Paul M.Murphy

      Hello glad I got on this site. I hope to upload a couple of photos of my Simplicity Broadmoor 
      Model 707 Tractor. I have replaced all the belts on it and installed a new ignition switch.
      Have a mower deck which was in poor shape , repaced a couple of bushings and welded the
      deck where there was some holes. The tractor and mower deck came from a friend and the 
      mower deck metal was getting pretty thin. Some new metal was put in it and we also undercoated the underside of the deck. This was done by my friend Greg Toulman.
      I have not put the mower deck on the tractor yet, waiting for Greg to come home and give me a hand. Can you please tell me if there is a manual for the mower deck and where I could get one.
      I would also like to get some moon wheel discs as well.
      I will try and down load some photos of the tractor when my wife shows me how to. 
      I really love driving this tractor and also how well it is made compare today's tractors, especially the flexible rear end and the rollers.
      Tell the next time 
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      jbrooks  »  Talntedmrgreen

      folowing  this from a link at the downloads.  I just rescued an AC 920 with the lambodini diesel. I can' t download  yet .  Where did you find the PDF copy you posted. . I would like to figure out how to adjust the injection pump. 
      I assume it's a bosche, correct
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