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23D build

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I am putting a new to me, and not very worn 23D engine. The cylinder has .0025 wear on its standard bore. The tractor it came off of has a front end so new and rarely used, that the spindles were rusted tight. Working a little penetrating oil in the freed them up. Was going to trash the frame, but, decided to give it another lease on life, when I get through swapping engines and building the 10 in my current tractor. 

But, back to the engine. Are there any secrets to building other than what I am accustomed to? Have the piston out, a new set of standard rings waiting to be installed. Ground and lapped the valves, still have to adjust the lash. Painting the block with high heat flat black paint. Even went so far as to paint the inside with Glyptol to aid in oil return to the pan, and front and rear oil seals. Was going to replace the original leather seals, but, since they were still pliable, have them sitting in SAE 30 oil, according to a Motion Industries tech. I have new rubber seals, but could not resist the leather! Other than rusted to death governor springs, the engine is complete, with a lot of surface rust that will have to be cleaned before painting of sheet metal. Was just a hint of carbon on the inside of the head.

From the looks of the bolts, no damage to the corners, etc. I think I am  the first person on the inside of the engine. I did shave .009 off the top of the block to clear up some corrosion near the exhaust valve. Will that much extra compression require 2 head gaskets to keep the rod from disintegrating under the higher compression?

Any help from those of you still running this engine will be appreciated. Going to start putting it back together tomorrow

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.009 off the deck should not require extra gasket. The compression ratio on flatheads is pretty low to start with. it's hard to get it to the point where it'd be a problem. The important measurement is piston to head clearance. If the piston is still just even with the deck+/- then the gasket is more than enough clearance for the RPM it'll be running (can probably get away with around .030). Have set up pulling singles running way higher RPM tighter than that.

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It's been a long time now but I don't think there is anything that should be unfamiliar to you. I opened up the 23D (~2004) on my Early B-10 and found it to in very good shape so I cleaned it up, gave it new std rings, adjusted new governor springs, and cleaned the carb. Its one of my best runners today and, I just love the s-l-o-w idle sound of a 23D.  

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A good slow idle? OH BOY!!! Incentive to hurry. I have a ZZ on a homebuilt tractor that has net been started in about a year (Take it to the annual Octoberfest engine/tractor show). Started on 3rd pull, as always, but, you can idle it down to where you think it may not have enough in it to hit the next lick. With a straight pipe, it is awesome.But, I have an automotive muffler, and it just kind of bellows

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