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Snowthrower belt for Sovereign

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After reading a bunch about running a smaller pulley on a 42" snow thrower, I went ahead and bought a 5" pulley to run on a late model Sovereign. I'm going to have to fab a belt guide because the  original is never going to keep the belt from slipping off. Knowing that the belt will need to be shorter, I went on a mission to find an A142. I found out that a 144" belt is not in the books. What have you guys done to make up for the smaller pulley? Will an A144 work just fine? I'm waiting on some parts from Jacks and want to make as much progress as I can in the mean time.


I tore into the GX610 (20hp) Honda powered Sovereign to fix a throttle issue behind the fuel tank and when apart I discovered an iffy rubber grommet at the tank outlet. Got one coming but some other things on the order are waiting for "outside vendors". Gahhh. Meanwhile it sits in pieces while I worry about the first major snowfall. It was more involved than you would think to remove the tank on this repower.


The other day my 3116v decided that It wouldn't start any more. Would barely crank. The T16H I bought this summer had a vibration since I got it and last week I finally discovered it's cause when I laid my hand on the starter/generator. I decided to have the two starter/generators serviced. "Make them work". Don't paint them. Don't "rebuild" them. $80 for the pair. Greg Schroeder is the man! Put the starter on the 3116v and nothing. Jumped it with the Ford and it lit right up. Put a charger on over night. Found out this morning that one of the charger clamps was disconnected from the wire.  Another Gahhh. Fixed it and charged the battery. Lit right up....once. Tester says 12.6V @ battery. Cranking volts are ~2. Put jumpers straight from Battery to S/Gen and got the same results. Bought a new 360CCA and everything is golden.


I was having so much joy messing with the start issue when I noticed that the belt was just about toast. These older Sovereigns aren't as easy to drop the driveshaft as the newer ones. I was able to remove the two bolts and spacers from the engine, and remove the four bolts from the steering boss so I could drag the steering column to the side, and I had JUST enough room to slip the belt between the engine adapter and the remaining bolts in the driveshaft coupler.   Whew.


I'm still not sure how I got in a day and a half's worth of work on my paying job, while studying electrical theory and application regarding S/gen and old school regulators, and... actually fixing the 49 year old beast. Sometimes I don't sleep much.  

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I'm running a 5" pulley on my 42" blower for a 917H Allis.  I gave out the part number to one of our members who asked for it.  He then promptly told me I was wrong.  I'm still using that part number on my blower.  Don't know how whatever he decided on worked out for him.  If you're interested in the Simplicity Part Number I'm using, it will be at least early next week until I can dig it up.

If that isn't soon enough, someone else will probably chime in pretty soon.

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By calculation, you do need a 144" belt, 3 inches shorter than stock (1/2*pi*[D2-D1]).  

I'm running a Kevlar A144 (146") belt using a 6-1/2" pulley on the blower.  But I doubt it'll work for a 5" pulley, especially after it stretches a bit.  

I get Kevlar belts from vbeltsforless.com, but they don't have a 144" Kevlar belt. 


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