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FDT driveshaft coupler

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I need some help from the foot dragger guys please!  I have been asked about what I am told is a B10.  No serial yet, and no pics to know if early or late.  The guy needs the coupler between the engine and the driveshaft.  No problem, I thought.  Just needs that fiberglass disc 157422 which subs to 2173026SM now.  Nope - he says it is rubber and about 3/8" thick.  From everything I can see, only 700/725 or B1 tractors used a rubber coupler on the driveshaft.  Everything after used the fiberglass discs at both ends until sometime in the 80's when the front of the driveshaft got the thick rubber coupler.

I have never mixed and matched parts on the FDT's, and haven't really been into one in many years.  I just remembered the fiberglass couplers being like my 7016's and when he said it was rubber really threw me.  Doing a Google search, I found an old post on this site talking about an adapter kit to change from the rubber to the fiberglass.  From what I gather, the driveshaft length must have been different between say a 725 and 9hp Landlord.  They are different part numbers.

Can this stuff be mixed and matched?  Or, is this thing rigged up and not right?

It looks like the coupler conversion kit to go from rubber to fiberglass is still available from Simplicity.  Was 103052, now 2103052SM.

Thoughts on this?  Thanks, Tim

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That's right, @fishnwiz.  When I got it, my 725 had a piece of an old tire cut out and substituted for the coupler.  I showed it to the guys at NAPA and they suggested the 67 Mustang Steering coupler.  It is almost a perfect fit and with a couple of washers should work out just fine.  The original 725 coupling assembly (part no. 2154194) is actually a rubber center bonded between two metal plates.  The plates accommodate spacers.



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There’s a set screw in the back coupler that you can loosen and slide the shaft ahead to take up the distance from using the thinner fiber disk as well. 

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I got more info from the tractor.  B10 serial 02445 or 024451.  Hard to read tag - not sure if it is actually a 1 at the end or just a mark on the tag.

The engine is a 23D  0129 02  63888, which should be correct.  So, that makes it an early B10, right?  Should be the same as a 9hp Landlord, model 990308 or 990314 per Simplicity documents. 

I looked at the manuals on the Simplicity website, plus other online parts sources.  The parts manual online at Simplicity for a 990308/990314 shows a fiberglass disc.  

However, the combined operator and parts manual for the 990308/990314 shows the rubber disc and gives the part number 154194 for the rubber disc.

Both are Simplicity documents on the Simplicity website.  The combined manual is obviously a scanned vintage manual.  So, I guess I trust the scanned vintage one.  Rubber coupler it is.  I guess the tractor needs the conversion kit 2103052SM that has spacers that put the fiberglass disc in the right place.

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2 hours ago, TimJr said:

However, the combined operator and parts manual for the 990308/990314 shows the rubber disc and gives the part number 154194 for the rubber disc.

There are other discrepancies other than this one.  The differential IPL differs as well as the axle gear changed to a gear with a shoulder thus eliminating the stack washers with the key broaches.  I avoid the "Landlord Series" IPL.  Too many discrepancies.

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My 990314 Landlord had those rubber disks. I swapped them out for the fiberglass disks just because I had it apart. I just moved the BGB yoke forward and everything worked great! I've got a couple of those (I think) if you're needing them. 

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I have one of about the same model. When I got it it had the rubber replaced with the fiber disk, but the curious thing was the way they had done the rear coupler at the BGB. It looks like they just used a spacer there to make up for the difference. What's odder is they appeared to use the old spacers from the old rubber coupler to make u for the too long bolts. The tunnel showed signs of a flailing driveshaft hitting the inside.

I really don't remember how I put it back together (over 12 years ago, so memory fades), but I think I kept the spacers on the coupler but used proper length bolts on the flex disk.


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I know it is nothing close to original anything, but a good piece of 1/4-3/8 reinforced conveyor belt makes a fine replacement for most rubber universals. I put a piece on a 2 wheel tractor with a Briggs ZZ engine on it over 20 years ago. I have not used the tractor a lot in the last few years, but the first 10-12 years, it was my breaking plow, lay-off and covering machine, and cultivator on about a half acre garden. Now it basically pulls what I want pulled around, and goes to tractor shows

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