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I just fired up my 728 for the first time this year. It turned over and started just fine but would run a bit then die, run a bit then die until it was warmed up a bit which seems to be a couple of minutes. I remember it doing this in the fall too. Does the carb just need adjustment? I also noticed that when I throttle it up and bring it back down it will pop or backfire. Any suggestions? Last question, I put on a new drive belt and now when I try to put the tractor in gear it grinds. Does the clutch need some adjustment? Thanks for you help.

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It appears that you are right in both cases. Sometimes when you let a tractor set through the winter you will bet a varnish build-up from the fuel causing the jet orifice to effectively become smaller(leaner). Usually you need to open the jet a little. Many times after you run it a little while you will notice that it is running rich, because the gas flow has removed this varnish. You may need to re-adjust a second time. Mine acted that way this season. I also put a new belt on one of mine and had to re-adjust. If it grinds, that means the belt is not releasing properly, so tighten the rod. Also make sure the guard around the belt on the angle drive pulley is in the right position, it keeps the belt located so that it will slip when loosened. Should be about 1/8 inch from the belt when belt is tight. Rod H. Rod H.

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      Good morning peeps! I’m always searching for helpful information with my AC collection. Hope to find out new information and pass on my own experience in restoration. Here are some pics of my babies. I’m still looking for front rims for the 410 so yesterday I put the 310 wheels on took it for a drive. Working pretty good but still needs some carb work. Gotta get the 310 running next. Have a great day!😁

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