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Engine ID on 7016 and major surging issues

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I have a 7016 with a Briggs 16hp.  Where is the engine ID info on these?  I cannot seem to find it on the visible areas of the engine shroud or anywhere else.
The front PTO seal is blowing oil while running and apparently there are multiple variations on the engines and which seals are used.

I am having a***of a time trying to get this engine running properly.  Perhaps compression loss through that front seal is contributing, I really don't know.

I have pulled and thoroughly cleaned the carb. I adjusted the governor and am trying to follow the steps to properly adjust the carb but I get very inconsistent performance.  Things will seem to adjust well and then when the engine has a load it begins surging again and continues to do so.

With the throttle set to idle the springs are still opening the throttle plate wide open.  When I start the engine the vacuum pulls the throttle back down but tends to surge.
At full throttle the surging is the worst.  Adjusting the fuel flow can steady it out but it will not remain that way.  The engine is also not reaching the speed it should so the tractor moves slowly while trying to plow.

The oil spritzing out of the front seal does not seem high enough volume to account for enough loss in compression but I really do not know. 

The throttle link has a spring on it that is not connected and I see no place where it should be connected.  The governor spring and governed idle springs are in place as they should be but I have found nothing referencing a connection for the spring on the throttle link.  For all I know that spring only applies to some engines but not all that the same throttle link is used for but all the manuals I have searched make no reference to attaching it anywhere.

I have never had so many issues tuning one of these Briggs.  My others are old 10 and 12hp so there may just be something I don't know.
Any ideas?


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Adjusting the carb I don't think is going to help....surging is usually because a jet is obstructed....you can try carb cleaners, ultrasonic bath, compressed air, but the most fool proof way is to get tiny drill bits and drill out the jet....you may actually have to enlarge it, ever so slightly

Check this video by Taryl....it might help you


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1 hour ago, theniteowl said:

I have a 7016 with a Briggs 16hp.  Where is the engine ID info on these? 

On the top tin I believe.  

My late 7016H:


Rope Pull Start (S/G) 16HP Briggs:


Above pic shows how hard they are to see sometimes (the PO painted the area).

A close up:



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Seal impacting compression - Not likely, usually other way around. Too much blow by and plugged breather will blow out the seal.

Is the breather clean/working ok?

Vacuum pulling carb closed - Not really the case. The governor arm pulls it closed.

Drill out the jet? Hmmm, how experienced are you? Good way to muck it up if not careful. Not saying I've never done it but...  How about you try this... Will the engine go rich at wide open throttle if you start cranking the high speed mixture screw counterclockwise? (meaning throttle lever in the fast position, not holding carb or governor open to wide open throttle) If so the jet isn't obstructed. The jet in your carb will supply plenty of fuel without drilling oversize unlike some of the fixed jet stuff out there now and referenced in the Taryl video (love watching that guy, entertaining) . If it won't go rich then either the jet or fuel feed passage is partially plugged, OR, the there isn't enough fuel in the bowl. Sure the float is set properly?

A single strand of copper wire from a chunk of old garden tractor battery cable or heavy brake light wire can be used to clean the high speed jet without damaging the needle seat or machined interior surface of the jet orifice.

Engine not up to speed? Spring in wrong hole on governor arm, or, governor miss-adjusted. Try #1 first.

Is the throttle shaft loose? Those carbs are bad for the throttle shaft getting loose in the carb body. Shouldn't wiggle around. If it does it's sucking air around the shaft in an uncontrolled manner which will often make it difficult to start and can also cause high speed mixture issues (especially at lower/mid rpm settings).

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Jim J

sounds like a vacuum leak where the carb bolts to manifold or the horizontal spring that controls the load of the carb is stretched from age, try shorting it up a hoop on the spring     

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