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18-23 Kohler command air filters..heads up

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Went into the Galesburg Lowes to get air filters and oil filters for spring changes. Apparently Lowes line of tractors does not include any more command powered machines, so they were clearancing out all their 18-23hp command air filters for $7.50 each. Thats a little less than half price. I bought all they had...

Might want to check your local Lowes to see if its a similar story there too.

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Cant find any good ones outside of a dealer. There are 2 types of round filters for the 20hp vanguard that are almosyt identical. one has more pleats than the other. The lesser is available at Menards for around $16 or so.

On oil filters I shop between Lowes and Menards.  Briggs oil filters are $10.99 at lowes and just a hair less at Menards. Kohler oil filters are $13.98 at lowes and just $7.99 at menards. Big difference there !

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