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B112 bevel gear box

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I need to remove the mower and tiller drive pulley from the bevel gear box shaft or be able to find new if they get bent up. what kind of a puller would work best?

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After others have said a bearing separator works great to usually remove pulleys without damage, I bought one from Harbor Freight:

image_18479.jpgI've used it successfully a coupe time to remove pulleys.  On issue is rigging up my 2 jaw pulley to work with it.   

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I have the made in USA version. 

The holes on the face of the two parts can be used with a bar style puller, IF you have the threaded rods to match them.

I have had that search on the list for a while also.



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Good luck. My pulley is on the shaft, turned the wrong way and out of line bad enough to eat a belt a season. I have tried everything I know to get the setscrew out. Impact allens break, I have one allen socket that is twisted, tapping, heat..nothing so far has worked. I have several brands of penetrating oil..none worked, so far. Will likely press the pulley off the shaft, grind off the setscrew, drill in a new one. This build has cost so much now, that I might even make a new shaft and buy a new pulley, being certain to use anti-seize on the setscrew and shaft/pulley.

The bearing separator should work once the setscrew is removed. On the HF bearing puller. I bought one to make another attempt at the deck raising/lowering arm. It broke quite nicely(the bearing separator) , had it replaced, broke 2 more. Applied heat, oil, left it in tension for days, whacking the puller with a hammer every time I walked around it, tightened puller, added heat..it is still sitting too close to the quadrant. I only need to move it 1/8", but if I ever got it moving, would remove for a better paint situation, and to add anti-seize

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Compared to a bearing separator this will sound like a redneck technique, but for BGB pulleys specifically, a prybar may be used. The set screws must be removed and lube it for a few days. Place the tip of the bar against the center part of the pulley where the hub is. Then pry towards the BGB sideplate and you will avoid damaging the pulley. Should come off fairly easily from a tractor that sees regular use. Make sure the end of any exposed keystock is clean and free of burrs. I have done this on numerous machines with success but did only have to resort to a puller on my 700 with the small tiller pulley. 

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