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Capt Mac

Powermax Rear PTO Final Gear Bearing Info

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Capt Mac

Hello everyone,

The bolt holding the hub onto the rear PTO driveshaft (within the transmission) came free and caused some slight problems within my unit's transmission.  Luckily I caught it before catastrophic (so I think) damage occurred.

Thus far I have had luck sourcing parts for the driveshaft and intermediate gear; both of which have been removed.

I am hesitant to remove the final gear before sourcing the inner and outer roller bearings and races, along with the shaft oil seal. 

Suppliers show one bearing - the inner roller bearing, according to their diagram, to be available.  The inner race, outer bearing, outer race and oil seal are NLA.

Reference my attached photos and you will note it appears the online parts diagrams transposed the inner and outer bearing info incorrectly.  I included a screenshot of the OEM parts manual.

Regardless, I am wondering if anyone has removed the final gear and has the bearing manufacturer's number, or ID / OD / thickness for the bearing and seals?  A measurement of the final gear shaft diameter(s) would also be helpful.  With this info I could track down replacements, if possible.  The photo with the arrow points to the outer bearing on the final gear shaft as an attempt to clarify what I am looking for.


Much appreciated.

Final gear outer bearing.jpg

Final gear bearings.jpg

Partstree PNs.jpg

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I pulled what was left of the bearings out along with outer races and NAPA was able to source a set for me. The seal had a part number on it as well that they were able to provide. I don't have any of the info available or I would post what I bought.

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Capt Mac

For the next person to tackle this project, here are the dimensions and part numbers for the bearings and seals.  These parts are readily available at your local auto parts shop.  Reference the numbers in the OEM parts manual image I posted above:

#123 Victor 64050-LE crosses to a National 471733 1.000 x 1.878 x 0.250 (")

#121 Simplicity 118011 replaced by Simplicity 2118011SM crosses to SKF 6204* 20 x 47 x 14 (mm)

  * I opted for a 6204-RS which has seals on both sides.  I will remove the aft facing seal to permit ATF to lubricate the bearing, but leave the front seal in.

#16 173196 crosses to Timken L68111

#20 173197 crosses to Timken L68149

#145 173195 crosses to Timken LM29749

#146 173194 crosses to Timken LM29710

#28 2173184 Victor 62326 crosses to National 473227 1.500 x 2.1290 x 0.3125 (")


The intermediate gear shaft needle bearing (#144) is still available through suppliers.



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