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Homelite T-10 differential

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I’m struggling trying to figure out how my T-10 differential works.  I’ve only had the tractor a few months and I haven’t used it as much as I would like to.  I was pulling some saplings with it using a combo of tractor power and a home made linear actuator rear lift and the rear tires stayed locked all the time.  As I used it more I noticed it tends to plow through turns and leaves rear tire marks when I turn in my garage.  I can’t imagine a tractor that was made to mow came with a locked differential.  Was this a modification made by a previous owner or is there a lever somewhere to unlock it?  Any help is much appreciated! 




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It's not meant to be locked. You could have broken parts in the diff or someone could have locked it in the past. One of mine was locked until it came apart internally. I ended up welding it. If you don't want it locked, you'll have to disassemble the diff on the right axle to find out what's up.

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