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Information on 1970 AC B210


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I am looking at purchasing a restored 1970 AC B210. I plan on using it
to cut my 1/2 acre yard. I wanted to find out some information on the
AC B210:

1. What is the turning radius?
2. The tractor pushes alittle as you make a turn. Is this normal?
I know there is the adjustment in the Right rear hub area for
traction adjustment. Please advise.
3. Is the variable speed transmission strong and durable?
What parts wear out normally? Are these parts available for
4. The 10 HP Briggs and Stratton motor was rebuilt by the selling
and servicing AC dealer. It has about 30 hours on it. It sounds
great and is a strong performer. How many hours will this engine
last if well maintained?
5. Does the mower spindles(42 inch mower) have grease fittings
or are they a sealed unit? The cut of the lawn by the AC looks good.
6. Are there other areas on these tractors that are of specific concern?
Please advise.
7. The mower needs a rock guard. Are these available from the local
Simplicity dealers?
8. If anyone in SimpletrACtor discussion group has any other bits of
information to share it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Dave, I have a B112 and a B12 and can tell you that a cast iron Briggs will probably outlive both of us. The trans on the b210 is as strong as the regular 3 speed. I've had my B12 for 26 years and it has given me no trouble. The mower spindles have sealed bearings and will last a long time. If you were buying this tractor from an individual I would strongly recommend checking the play and ease of turning the spindles. The only areas of concern would be the steering gear and the variable drive. The variable drive needs to be properly adjusted to work right. I've bought 2 tractors with this drive and they were both so out of adjustment that the tractors would hardly move. On the 42" deck I have found all parts available at the dealer. In conclusion you will be buying one tough tractor that will out mow any green tractor ever made. Tim
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Can't tell much about the rest of tractor but if engine is Briggs cast iron, with a little bit of attention it will go a long way, mainly change oil a couple of times through mowing season, and if it is used only in warm weather use SAE #30 wheight. I have a 7010 6 speed on its ninth year after just a installing a Hastings ring set( sorry but Hastings have better oil control rings) and a valve grind. No oil consumption and it seem to be a better puller than my Broadmoor with a 12 HP engine. Maybe 10HP engine is under sqaure design, I didn't look it up, and that would make it a good lugging engine
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I have heard that parts are no longer available for the variable speed drive. Can anyone comment on this?

I have run my B-112 since 1991 and my B-210 since 1995 and I have never touched either variable speed drive. Am I lucky for not trying to adjust them.

The only problem I can see is that sometimes in 3rd gear I lose power in the higher ranges.
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I own a B-210 and am quite pleased. The variable drive system is just a set of variable speed pulleys (one on the bevel gear box and another on the tranny) on Simplicity's standard 3-speed transmission. It changes the "gear ratio" by simultaneously changing the pulley sizes front and rear. It's really a pretty simple setup once you get the hang of it (like most Simplicity engineering)

Unlike Les, I've had to adjust the drive to get it to work right and not grind the gears on shifting. It took about 45 minutes of "tweaking" with belt adjustments, belt guards, guides, etc., but now works like a champ -- once I got a copy of the correct adjustments. I, too, have heard that some of the parts for these variable speed pulleys are no longer available, but that is NOT a major concern for me. Worst case, I can replace the two pulleys with standard ones (which are available, both dealer and aftermarket) and I have the traditional, reliable 3-speed....

Meanwhile I've found the variable drive works quite "slick" in use, and is a "poor man's hydro" solution. I do all of my mowing in 2nd gear, controlling ground speed to match mowing conditions with the variable drive. Switching between forward and reverse is quick, simply clutch and move the shifter to the correct side -- kind of like a shuttle drive, but I must clutch it... All snowplowing or snowblowing is done in 1st gear, and 3rd is the "road gear" for moving the tractor around....

I don't know what the turning radius is -- it wasn't a part of the published specs (see link below)....[A href='http://www.simpletractors.com/models/b_series/b-210_specs.htm']http://www.simpletractors.com/models/b_series/b-210_specs.htm[/a]
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Dave the variable drive is strong and reliable. I have one on my pulling tractor (thats abuse you will never see mowing lawn) and use the variable to control speed vs. load vs. traction. It gives me an advantage to start slow (easier on components) and speed up during the pull. We pull 800# and 1000# stock altered class. The variable belt has never slipped or failed us.
This past weekend we took 2nd out of 21 tractors entered.
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