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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

Thanks Kent


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My thanks everyone for being so understanding...

I often get frustrated with this technology (that I wrestle with every day on my job) and with the limited amount of time I can devote to it here, as a hobby. There's this stack of "stuff" that I want to add to the site, limited by the time I can devote to working on it, and when that limited time is spent wrestling with things that shouldn't be a problem....

Oh well, as Ford Hilton and Bob Winter keep reminding me "Rome wasn't built in a day." I guess I could counter with "But it did burn down in a day...."

It's certainly heartwarming when my efforts are appreciated. Thanks again for your understanding and loyalty.
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I agree. Kent, Take a bow! This is a great site and if sometimes
the server and FP can't quite keep up, well that is life.

The site is much faster now on the new server. We do have
a great site thanks to Kent and everybody make sure they
go to the Yesterday's tractors site and vote for SimpletrACtors!

Three cheers for Kent!

Sorry, I get out of control. Good job though, really.
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Amen and pass the biscuits!

I appreciate Kent's efforts more than he will ever know.
The few times the site has been down I really missed

Kent, add my thanks to the others.

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Kent if you are ever mowing grass in my neighborhood feel free to stop in for a free tunep - anytime. I will more than happy to help you out any way I can. Maybe you can get DLC to bring it on over if you're too busy. I need to keep in practice anyway. What does a real tractor look like again? I have to review the SimpletrACtors.com site every day to remember!
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It kills me to hear Kent apologize for the problems with the
forum. This is without question the BEST SITE ON THE NET !!
THANK YOU KENT !! We all have the opportunity here to learn
more than I thought there was to know about these marvelous
machines -- and it's due to Kent's efforts. Not that Kent
is the one with all the information, but, he has created the
vehicle and sparked the enthusiasm in others to contribute
what that they have by way of historic information etc. Kent
is the one who somehow pulls it all together - does some
smoke & mirror stuff to it - and gets it back out here
on the net for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to all who have
helped make this site what it is - and Kent don't apologize
.... TAKE A BOW ... I expect it will be a long time
before technology can keep up with you & simpletractors.
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I check in every day I'm home and realize how much time is spent in maintaing this site. Steaks on the grill & boating anytime you get west of your old stomping grounds here in west TN. Fishing is also included. THANKS FOR A GREAT SITE
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Hey Jeff, I'll bring er on over for a FREE tune-up as long as you're gonna use those FREE Valvoline products you're gonna be getting on it.... BTW if you want to see a REAL trac.,c'mon up and look at my7790 Diesel!:D) dlc
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Yawl come! ANYTIME TOO HOT for fishing now But I still have to mow each week. Be ready to ruf it.
Small trailer, AC, Hot shower, Large covered deck.
Hotel near by at Paris Landing State Park for those that can't RUF IT... ;>)
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