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Drive sheave height and diameter model 7016

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Hi everyone,  I recently picked up a mower deck from a model 710 and put it on my 7016.  It seems to fit okay, but I am having trouble with belts.  I tried two used belts on it, the first fit on the big sheave and shredded immediately, the second was on the small sheave and mowed about a thousand feet before getting jammed up on the upper PTO sheave and getting destroyed.

This deck has had the center spindle replaced or modified, it now has a double sheave and I don't know which one to use.  I don't even know for sure if it is original to the 710 tractor it was on.

Can anyone with a model 7016 tractor and original mower deck take a couple measurements so I know what my deck should have?

I'd like to know the sheave outer diameter and its height above the deck top sheet metal.

I'll see if I can attach some pictures.





Oh, and what belt length are you using?

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Add question about belt length.

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Something's definitely not right with your center spindle setup.  

Here's a pic of the layout of my 7016H with a 48" deck to give you an idea of what the setup should look like:


The center spindle is the newer, one piece style vs yours.  


Here's a couple of pics of an older, deep pocket deck with the 2 piece center arbor:




Is it possible to mount the upper pulley with the larger diameter on the bottom?  That should get you close to the orientation you need.  

IMO, the mid PTO setup on the 7000 series tractors tends to chew up belts much more than the adjustable mid PTO on the 7100 series tractors.  If the belt is a bit too bit (or gets stretched) the belt vibrate and hit the belt guard as can be seen in this series of pics:





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Bill, thanks for the Simplicity site recommendation.  I was surprised they still have the IPLs listed.  Some manufacturers have removed a lot of that info in the last couple years, much to my annoyance.

I should have mentioned, I have a 42" deck.  But I found that under 1690022 part number.  Unfortunately according to the IPLs, the 42 and 48" decks use different pulleys and belts.


PhanDad, your machine is really nice.  Could you give me the height of your pulley above the cover plate (or above the lower sheave, if it's easier, and I'll take my cover plates off to measure)?

Thanks.  Sorry for the late replies, I haven't checked in on the 'puter in a while.

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I don't run with deck covers installed (easy of cleaning off the top of the deck). 

The center to center distance between the lower arbor drive pulley and top PTO driven pulley is 3"for both of my 42" and 48" decks..

The the center lower arbor pulley should be in the same plane as the two outer arbor pulleys.  


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Hello, The idler pulley has 2 locations ( bolt holes ) One  for the mower deck ,the other for the snowblower . I f the snow blower   bolt hole is used the belt angle an length will not work with the mower deck .  

Thanks Ken in Mi


The 42 inch deck belt is 80 inches, the 48 inch deck belt is 78 inches

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14 minutes ago, maxwood said:

The idler pulley has 2 locations ( bolt holes ) One  for the mower deck ,the other for the snowblower .

He has a 7000 series tractor with the older cone clutch/PTO setup; only a single mounting location for mower deck.  Snowblower was driven by front mounted PTO.  

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