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Where to order and what to order for replacement P

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If it's generating heat, it sounds like the clutch is slipping. 1) Check the linkage to make sure binding or improper adjustment isn't preventing the clutch from fully engaging. 2) Remove the large nut on the cross shaft, remove the clutch plate, and check the lining for wear, grease, & glaze. (If the large nut is loose, that can cause a problem). 3) If the clutch is also making noise, the bearing could be shot. 4) If the (#171772) spring is broke or weak, that could also be a problem. I have new springs for $7).

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I just finished mowing for the first time this year. My PTO clutch is shot, I think. It was extremely hot to the touch and wouldn't spin the mower ("42) fast enough to mow the lawn. I have an '83 AC 917 hydro. I have three questions, 1. What should I replace, is it as simple as ordering a new clutch? 2. Do I need to order a new pulley? 3. Who has reasonable prices and will ship over the internet. Thanks for your 2 cents. John

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      It's in pretty sad shape, but yes I have a yellow plastic cap that I'm fairly certain is what you need. PM me your details and I'll get it out to you.
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      Try this web site for the previous message I reported that did not work for you guys. 
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