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Deutz-Allis (Simplicity SunStar?) 1916 "Ultima" hy


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Hello, All.

TIA for taking the time to peruse this LONG missive.

New owner of this tractor (Hi, Baumer!), came sans manuals (but ran, drove and cut). After MUCH research, found a helpful lady at AGCO-Allis (Simplicity) who shipped me operators, parts and service manuals (for a Simplicity SunStar) via snail mail. All in all, it's quite a machine. Found and fixed several nagging problems (mostly stemming from the fact that the tractor never appears to have been serviced since it's initial PDI)

First, can ANYONE point me in a direction to find Deutz Green paint? (preferably in "spray bombs")

Second, anyone care to offer any tips/ tricks related to owning/ servicing/ maintaining /getting parts for the "SunStar" line-up? (IE known problems, field fixes, things to be careful of, etc.)

Finally, any info on accessories used (even almost used up) or new will be GREATLY appreciated. This one came with a 48" mower deck, I'd like to acquire any available accessory, but I'll NOT hand $4,000.00 over to my "local" Simplicity dealer for a 3 point hitch, rear PTO, implement lift kit and tiller if I can help it. Heck, the tractor was only $500.00, and I'm sure my dealer will clip me pretty good for the rear shoes, hydrostatic filter and other miscellaneous parts I'm sure are "Dealer only".

Let me share a little about myself. My name is Tim, I live in Chapel Hill, NC. (Go Heels) I'm a naturallly born mechanic, been working on stuff since I took Daddy's one running lawnmower apart at 4 (with a hammer, no less. That's ONE beating I'll always remember) Heck, I'd already taken apart most of the non-running ones, I was looking for the difference.

Been wrenchin' for a living since I was 15 (pushing 40 now), and in that time have worked on everything from sewing machines to 150 ton cranes. For the last 10 or so years, been fixing high-line European and Asian vehicles, specializing somewhat in Saab, Audi and Volvo. In addition to being a mechanic (you will note that I avoid calling myself a "technician" for a task that gets my hands dirty), I am also an accomplished machinist and welder, an excellent diagnostician, an amatuer tribologist (guys who figure out WHY a mechanical thing fails in the way that it fails, and how best to help it NOT fail again), an electronics technician, and a computer nut. Enough about me for now. Let's talk about the tractor.

This is the first "hydro" tractor I've owned, I'm sure I'll love it when I get the kinks worked out of the brake/ ground speed control linkage. This poor machine has been butchered by it's previous owner/ service providers. You have to STAND on the brake to kick it into neutral (Cam plate wasn't hitting the spacer on the shift linkage, was running up over the nut, a longer spacer cured that part of the problem), and Rt. brake is clearly stopping before the Lt. one. (tractor tries to shift to the right WHEN you stand on the brake) Have yet to tear off the drums, did note that the Rt. brake actuator does not return, and that big nuts (EGAD!!) had been piled up between the spring and actuator arm. All in all, I'm sure it'll eventually be a nice tractor for Miss Anna (my significant other) to use while "Floyd" (her '67 Cub Cadet 122, named after her Granddaddy) is down with a thrown rod.

In closing, thanks for having created this site, and for letting me share in this venue with you fellow tractor nuts. Maybe I'll be able to help someone out here one day, feel free to Email me anytime. One hint- as I regularly recieve several hundred Emails a day, using the word "timmer" anywhere in the subject heading will send your Email to the top of my main Inbox, and ensure the most prompt reply/response. May God bless you all.

Tim Matthews
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Hi Tim, and welcome!
Yes that 1916 is indeed a SunStar. By the model number I'm guessing that it's an early one with the 16 horse Kohler single. (Mine's a Simplicity, so I'm not sure here.) If that's the case, there are a few things that are useful to know. If that's the right model, you probably have Parts Manual TP-1102-04 and the generic Service Manual part no. 1701191. You also might have or want the Attachments Parts Manual TP-1103-03, which covers everything including lift and hitch kits and all implements. Please post or e-mail your "Manufacturing" (model) and serial numbers so that we can get on the 'same page'.
Best regards,
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Hi Timmer,
For parts look-up purposes, treat yours as though it was a Sim 1691357 and you should be right. I'll send you some thoughts on these (it's a bit much to post). That attachments manual is bound the same way as the tractor manual, but is over twice as thick, so doesn't lend itself to copying without tearing it up. I'll send you the pages on your deck (need numbers; it's probably a 1690986 or 1691183) if you wish, but beyond that I'll have to suggest that you buy it from Sim. It does include all the option kits, so you may want to anyway. I find it strange that engine shrouding would be missing, I hope somebody hasn't butchered this thing for you. That M-16 Kohler is pretty common, so you might find what you need locally off of a junker. The correct service manual is Kohler TP-2209 and your Kohler dealer can supply the parts manual by the 'spec' number, assuming you still have the flywheel shroud with the data decal. It would probably be easiest to just buy the right Kohler intake screen, because it has to fit right around the driveshaft. (I know, I know; I hate to spend money too!)
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Hi, Fred (all).

Thanks for the speedy reply. "Catalog" # is 1691389 Serial # is 10021.

Yes, I would MUCH like to buy/obtain a copy of that "attachments" manual, as well as ANY other literature related to this model/ comparable model tractors and accessories.

Got the brakes right tonight, put all the sheet metal back on AFTER lubing up all the service points and adjusting as necessary, took a test drive in the yard at about 10PM EST. Ran like a CHAMP. Turned out the previous service persons had put the steering together in such a manner that it would turn MUCH sharper to the left than to the right. NOW it turns sharply left AND right. Ahhhh, the sweet smell of success.

Now, if I can just find the MISSING cylinder and head shrouding, (dem dere moders doan seem ta lass too long widout dem) and fabricate a screen for the cooling air intake of the Kohler Magnum 16, I'll feel good about turning Miss Anna loos on this machine. Sure as shootin', if I leave anything I notice awry unfixed, it'll come back to bite me in the assumption.
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