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Allis Chalmer 916 Starting Issues


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Hey guys, I picked up an Allis Chalmers 916 hydro yesterday.


It came with the mower deck, snowblower, and rear tiller, I picked it up for $500 which I thought was a but of a deal.


Its not in the greatest of condition, but it started, and ran, the tiller went up and down and engaged as it should.


I got it home, left it on the trailer because it was late, but now it wont start.


With the choke on full, it cranks, but will only start if i put the throttle on full, then pull it back to low.


It will then start, but only run for a few seconds.


Sounds like a fuel issue to me, but would love to hear from others who know more than I do, which isn't all that hard.


Also... every now and again as its trying to start, it makes a chirping sound.



And help or pointers would be a huge help.


Thanks guys.

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Bad fuel/water. When you open throttle full with choke on when cranking the extra vacuum on the main jet will pull up a little fuel then you burn that off as soon as it starts. Running vacuum/choke on @ idle doesn't provide a strong enough vacuum signal to draw fuel or overcome water in bowl. I'd drain carb and make sure it has clean fuel in the bowl first.

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