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Wiring question

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Hi All,

The new -to-me Sovereign with snowblower is looking great so far, but I have a wiring question.  The previous owner wired the electric rotator for the chute from the hot lead at the starter, so it is hot all the time.  I am going to put my cab on this tractor, and it has a fan for the windshield which needs to be wired.  I would like to wire the fan, and the rotator, so they are only hot when the key is on.  Where should I connect for this?  

As always, any input is greatly appreciated!


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7000 and 7100 series used to have a 6 blade junction block on a insulated "plastic" board that was attaced to the right side of the inside of the dash tower behind the battery.  Dont know if your newer machine sill has that or not. If not, I would get one somewhere and install it. All you need to do then is connect the hot wire to the headlights from the keyswitch to that and then run another wire off that to the light switch. Then you have 4 more spades to use for power supply.

 Dont think I have a block here to take a picture of, but I will look around.

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Actually I have 2. There are apparently at least 2 different versions of this. They both bolt into the 2 holes in the dash tower above where the hydro lever gate bolts to They are also spaced out from the wall with spacers.( if your has the 2 holes there)

This one is on a late 80's Deutz Allis 916...



This is from a early to mid 80's Allis 900 series. This one uses a bigger "board", and someone at some time added a fused block to the board. Never seen these before, but looks like something that would be handy to a fabber....



If you want one or the other, just pm me.

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Do what @SmilinSam said. 

I documented the wiring changes I made to install the board in my Triad to Command post.  I used the smaller, 7100 series board.

As to how a accessories are fed in the newer Sovereigns, they use what I call a wiring connector splitter:


In my 75th tractor, to supply switched power to the rear work light, one of the above was installed on one of the "+12v power supply" connectors of the light switch:


The red w/blue trace wire is from the ignition switch "L" (accessory) terminal, the red wire loops over to the second  "+12v power supply" connector on the light switch (the single switch controls both main headlights and rear work light).  

The splitter comes with some Simplicity electrical accessories such as the Hour Meter Kit, it's part B (called an adapter):


Since you want to install multiple accessories, the power supply board is the way to go.


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