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New "Snow Plume" picture


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In the past I posted a picture of the plume from my single-stage Deere snow thrower.
I have since upgraded to a double-stage snow blower on my X540 Deere.  Took a picture today. Shutter caught the individual throws, but different with the new unit.


For comparisson:



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First, thanks for posting the comparison pics.

I looked for some comparable pics of the Simplicity single stage blowers.  The older original blowers had 2 paddles as can be seen in this pic of a 42" AC FDT blower:


I couldn't find any pic snowing the snow "pulses" using this type of blower (2 paddle).  


The newer Simplicity single stage blowers have 4 paddles:


I isolated a frame from a video that shows the snow pulses from this blower:


The pic quality is much poorer, but to my eyes it looks similar to your 4 paddle pic. 


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4 hours ago, PhanDad said:

The newer Simplicity single stage blowers have 4 paddles

PhanDad, What is the MFG No. of the 4-blade blower and is it 42"?

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Yes, it's a 42", MFG#1694920.  

It has the same tunnel dimensions as the MFG#1691522 42" blower.  It has a built in electric spout rotator.  It came with a hitch that I believe attaches to the newer Broadmoor or Regent.  The hitch didn't have a MFG3 sticker.  I bought it NOS for the blower head.  

I posted about it when I got it:


And some issues it had:





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On 12/31/2020 at 11:31 AM, PhanDad said:

The newer Simplicity single stage blowers have 4 paddles:


Upon further investigation, the 42" snowthrower older 2-paddle rotor/auger has been superseded to the newer 4-paddle design. Also, the older snowthrowers had relubricatable Fafnir flangette bearings and Simplicity has superseded them with non-lubricatable.

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