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Clutch return Spring repair/installation


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Guys need your help!  Today my clutch return spring broke when snow blowing.  I heated the end and made a new end attachment point and now trying to re-install.  I loosened the adjustment bolt as far as I could but can't stretch spring enough to attach.  I have a variable speed drive 6216 tractor.  It looks like I might be able to disconnect the push bar from the control lever and rotate the variator pulley and make the  pedal  go back all the way so I can attach the spring to the adjustment bolt.  Is this the correct way to do it?  Will I be able to reattached push bar after spring is connected?


Thanks Dave

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Update, tractor repaired.  Found that if I disconnected the clutch arm rod going to the pedal I had full range of movement of the of the pedal to reconnect the pedal return spring.  Hope this helps someone in the future.  Just in time with 6 inches of snow coming tonight. 


On another note I picked up a new used 36inch snowthrower for $100 as my original used one had body damage.  The front end hitch that came with the new used snowthrower doesn't fit my tractor.  I think it's for a Regency (Part No. 1693500).  Also got the wheel weights for that tractor too.  Will be posting for sale soon in classifieds. Let me know if anyone is interested.




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