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Rear wheel removal 4211 Simplicity


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Hi All. 

Happy 2021.

I feel funny asking this but what is supposed to hold the rear wheels on on the 4,5,6 series Simplicities. 

One of my rear tires keeps going flat, the valve stem is on the back side so it is a pita to fill. I imagine someone tried getting it off at one time and made a mess. The end of the shaft is mushroomed so  I know I am going to have to do something about that .

Only other option is if I can change the tire without removing the wheel.

Unless the bolt, retainer, whatever it is supposed to be is hidden on the back side of the wheel I assume it is only being held on by its own rust.

I can post a pic if needed. Both sides look the same but the side  I need to get off is mushroomed enough to easily notice.

Thanks all


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Are both sides like that?...Only a clip holds it on from the outside end of the axle...nothing else secures it...it is just rusted on ...You will probably have to use a 41/2 inch angle grinder to remove the mushroom..then soak the axle ...from both sides.....I use ATF in a 50/50 mix with acetone....give it plenty of heat and get a wheel puller on it......use the wheel weight holes on the wheels with a harmonic balancer type of puller....don't slam on the axle or you will mushroom it again, but do rap it smartly with a hammer to make it vibrate...you may have to leave the puller on and tighten it and soak it for several days before it finally gives..... if you have an impact gun use that instead of a socket on the drive bolt...that makes it vibrate even more..,also...do not try banging th ewheel outward...you will break off the c clip inside the trans.... I had one on a John Deere that I could not get off and had to change the tire on the tractor...it was tough but I did get it done...I had a 4212 on which I got the wheel off the tractor, but had to use a hammer and chisel to break the bead and still needed bolt cutters to cut the cable around the bead, a utility knife and a sawzall to cut the tire off...I hope you don't run into that......when re assembling it put some grease or never seize on the axle.....and don't turn the wheel around with the valve pointed out...it is designed with the valve pointed in...good luck

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Thank you very much.

So just a keyway back on the shaft and a clip on the end. I may see where the dish is and just try and change the tire on the tractor. Hardest part can be breaking the bead, unless it is ridden flat long enough.

I was thinking of liquid filling the rears.

Excellent tip on the clip in the transmission. The housings are only typically aluminum too, easy to break a ear or crack a housing

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Walmart has windshield washer fluid (-20*F) for $1.78 a gallon, but the easiest way of getting that in would to properly seat and inflate the tire....then break the bead on one side again, and while laying the tire and wheel down with the broken bead facing upwards, just pour it in about 70-75 percent full...I think it only weighs about 8 pounds per gallon...pretty much the same as water....rim guard is kind of expensive but weighs 11 pounds a gallon...you can probably get about 7 gallons in each one

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Check Tractor Supply for a device for adding liquid to tires. I have an ancient one made for putting liquid in from a garden hose, that I made an adapter to use for gravity feed with a funnel. Gravity fed or hose fed is available now.

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If I make some time to get some pics,I have a transaxle apart to repair in the basement.  It was manufactured by peerless and used on JD also, and a host  of other tractirs.

However Peerless locked their doors in 2009. It was rumored tha Husqvarna bought out the inventory. The part  I need is the bevel gear in the cluster..I found a source in idaho,

but the part would only be available after he had a transaxle open for other repairs. CAUTION - IF YOU OPEN THE CASE IT IS LOADED WITH A  CLAY COMPOUND THAT  IF IT GETS ON ANY

CLOTH, IT CANNOT BE REMOVED. The transaxle does not take oil or grease! The front wheel are also held on by spring clips.

The valves  face in to protect them from damage


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