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electric chute rotator question


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The Sovereign I bought earlier this winter to be my "go to blower" tractor is working great!  Having two Sovereigns, one with blade and one with blower is so nice!  But, I have a question on the snowblower.  The guy I bought it from had switched an electric chute rotator to this like new snowblower from an older one he had.  It works great!  But today, when i got done blowing, i was sweeping off the blower, and I always engage the blower when done to clear anything out of the auger, and I rotate the chute to be sure it is clear.  The chute didn't rotate, so I drove into the garage and checked it out.  The motor is fine, it has an adaptor on it that has the motor spline on one end and the other end has a bore for the shaft with the cable attached to slip into it.  It looked like there had been a pin or a bolt driving that shaft, but it was missing.  I checked online a bit and thought i found where there was a set screw in each side of that coupler that would engage the shaft to drive it.  The shaft had a slightly smaller hole thru it, figured it was for dog point of set screws.  So I went back out, but there were no threads in the holes.  Long story short, I drilled it open to 1/4 inch and put a bolt thru it with a nyloc nut on it.  

Two questions, first is what was supposed to be in there?  Second, anyone see any problems with the bolt?  It clears well, won't hang up, but as far as i know the motor has no clutch on it, it just stalls at the end of the rotation.  Is that correct?

I didn't have my phone on me so didn't get any pics, but can if needed.

Anyone with knowledge, I appreciate any feedback!


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Hopefully some of these pics will help:




If I understand what you're asking about, it looks like the set screw (22) was replaced by a bolt; not sure about the roll pin (12), it's under the near hose clamp (far end hose clamp is holding rolled gasket material to keep cable on the spool) :




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Spout rotator manuals are available at the Simplicity Manuals site. 

MFG #s 990880 & 1690116.

The new rotator uses 2 set screws (8):


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Added set screw info
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Found the manual, thanks.  Mine had the two set screws but both were gone and the threads in the holes were stripped, assume they were over tightened before I got it.  I drilled thru and put a 1/4 bolt with a nylon nut thru it instead, should last forever.  


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