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Woe is me

Ronald Hribar

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I was out doing my good deed for the day.

cleaning driveways and sidewalks.

my snowblower unhooked from tractor!!

I had to back it from neighbors driveway.

Up my driveway and in to my shop.

Dragging it by the belt.

Will have to look at it when it all melts off.

I thought there was a rod that held it in place.

So that did not happen.

First problem this yeat

other than windshield wiper motor quitting

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I had never had this happen to me...until Saturday!  What a coincidence.  I dropped my 60" Sweepster while backing up...had never flipped the quick hitch pins to secure it, and was dragging it by the angle cylinder.

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It is all back together

belt is still good

was missing one of two rods in front mount

lost rear mount

was making a new one when neighbor showed up with missing piece

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You are helping out your neighborhood.  Not a bad thing to do, but I can say I have few failures of the blower setup, but every time I have, it's on a neighbor's driveway.  Just the way it goes, me thinks.

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Agreed, whenever I had a snowblower failure it was at a neighbors.  I’ve had to push the tractor down the street twice with blown engines. Sam is correct no good deed goes unpunished. 
 But I have to say if t wasn’t for the blown engines, I wouldn’t have my Sovereign, which has brought me great joy.

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And this morning I found the missing rod

so I think I lost the rod first

that allowed snowblower to go over mount and when I backed up it came off rear mount

then the mount fell off tractor

so for the loss of a nail (spring clip) 

the snow blower was lost

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Funny, my Deere's PTO quit while I was cleaning up around my neighbor's mailbox! Switch appeared to be bad. Wired in a toggle to finish the job. Bought a new switch, worked once or twice. Discovered it was the brake switch that was stuck! Unplugged, it worked the PTO, had to jumper a couple wires so the starter would engage.

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