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Simplicity Briggs 10hp govenor springs


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Hi to All

I have a 243431-0627-02 // 10 hp ..............I am looking for the part numbers for the two governor springs. Every diagram that I have shows two springs. However, as I look through part suppliers, only one is shown for this engine. Any help would be appreciated. 



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Essentially, you are going to make your 243431-0627 into a 243431-0123, which is the one Simplicity used. My old 1988 B&S IPL indicates: Ref. No. 209 P/N 260815/691789 (2" Lg), 209A P/N 260816/691790. I also like to use the long spring between the governor arm and carb throttle, 232 P/N 260584/692207. 

B&S Governor Pic.jpg

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It's amazing anyone with old (60's & 70') Briggs single cylinder engines can find correct replacement parts these days.  I remember having issues with one of the governor spring on an older engine.  The "newer" IPLs are confusing when it comes to some details and with Briggs Part #s changing over the years, adds to the confusion.   

I was curious as to what part numbers I tracked down years ago.  This IPL is for the 12HP engine in my Homelite T-12; it's the "older style" where the pic is in the beginning of the manual and the parts are in a list at the back,  It's not dated, but I bet your 1988 IPL has the same layout.  



Two springs are shown, and part numbers match what you gave.  

I only have a "newer" IPL for the 10HP 243431 engine (March 2002):


It appears only one governor spring is used (#209) unless your type number is one of the 9 listed spec numbers.  Those with early type numbers are left confused and guessing.  

As to your pic of governor spring locations, it doesn't match the positions shown in my 1966 Briggs Op and Maintenance Manual that came with my B-110:


A pic of the 10HP engine in my B-110:


The spring setup is the same on both my Homelite 12HP engine and the 12HP engine that was in an HB-112 I had at one time.  


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In the B&S Service & Repair Instruction Manual, it states in the Governor Controls & Carb. Linkage section:

Governed Idle

All engines in Model Series 24300 (10HP), 300400 (12HP), 320400 (14HP) and some Model Series 23D ans 233400 engines use two governor springs. The shorter spring keeps the engine on governor, even at idle speed. If moderate loads are applied at idle, the engine will not stall.

Even though the manual does not include Model Series 325000 (15HP) & 326000 (16HP), I would still include them.

To Adjust For Governed Idle

First make final carburetor adjustments. Then place remote control in idle position. Hold throttle shaft in closed position and adjust idle to 1000 RPM. Release the throttle. With remote control in idle postion, adjust upper elastic stop nut to 1200 RPM.

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